Breaking Unhealthy Patterns

1. Choose the right diet technique:
A fad diet is a diet that restricts any of the 3 macro nutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fat. If you go on a diet that restricts fat, this will leave you hungry, deprived and prone to binge eating. Choosing a diet that restricts carbohydrates will cause hunger and a poor metabolism.
2. Take a fish oil supplement: Fish oil facilitates positive mood patterns by regulating nerve transmission.

3. Journal your food intake: People who keep a food and exercise journal are proven more successful. 

4. Allow yourself at least 2 cheat meals per week. I recommend people set one or two cheat meal meals per week to keep you from feeling totally deprived, and to throw your metabolism a curve ball. It's always good to give yourself a little stress test once and a while. 

5. Eat regularly to keep your blood sugar stabilized. Blood sugar, or glucose is the only source of fuel for your brain and central nervous system. Adequate blood sugar levels keep your brain content with the present moment. By contrast, skipping meals runs the brain on empty which sets off uncontrollable junk food cravings.