8 Ways to Help Thicken Your Hair

1. The best way to feed your hair is through the bloodstream. All of my hormonal eating concepts (adequate protein, insulin control, essential fats) work synergistically to feed your hair from within by increasing blood flow, which delivers essential nutrients and oxygen. Hormonal eating works on the level of the small chemicals that dilate your blood vessels at the surface of your skin. For example, when a mosquito sticks their needle into your skin, they inject you with a chemical that opens your capillaries and facilitates blood to rise to the surface of your skin. Hormonal eating works by effecting these same chemicals through other means. 

2. Vitamins such as vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid, B12 and iron are essential for good circulation. 

3. Minerals such as copper, selenium, iron and zinc are vital for healthy hair. 

4. Avoid stimulants: stimulants decrease blood flow to the outermost surface of your skin. Caffeine also depletes minerals from the body that are important for hair health. 

5. Do not smoke anything. People who have surgery can not smoke because our inner skin (the lungs) ruins the outer skin. The healing and quality of skin is compromised when people smoke. 

6. Hang your head upside down: Inversion machines (hanging upside down) are another good way to increase blood flow to the scalp. Gravity will force open the fine capillaries that feed the scalp. You can also get on your bed and lay on your back as you hang your head over the side of the bed (the back of your neck will be against the corner of your bed and your chin will be up in the air). As your head is upside down, you should use both your hands to finger massage your entire scalp. 

7. Perform daily cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise. Aerobic exercise opens sweat glands, stimulates natural stem cell production and sends blood to the outermost surfaces of your body. Exercise will also reduce stress. 8. Take an omega-3 fish oil supplement each day. The recommended intake is 4 capsules per day of a high quality pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement.