Hydrate Your Body With These Foods

Being dehydrated can make you feel tired and restless. There are many different methods to re-hydrate your body with foods that can help you feel more hydrated. 
Cucumbers have the greatest amount of water content of any solid food. They have a water content of 96.7%. You can eat cucumbers in salads, sliced, or even dip them in hummus or tzatziki. You can also mix cucumber into yogurt, eat with mint, or even freeze slices into ice cubes. Any way you eat them, cucumbers are sure to make you feel more refreshed. 
Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg lettuce has a water content of 95.6%. This type of lettuce has the highest water content of any lettuce variety. You can eat iceberg lettuce as an addition to sandwiches or even use it as a base for a salad. Iceberg lettuce is also great to use as a wrap.
Celery has a water content equal to 95.4%. Celery is a low calorie food, having only six calories per stalk. This vegetable also has enough fiber to fill you up and keep you satisfied. Celery also contains several nutrients and vitamins including folate, vitamin K, vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Celery is also able to neutralize stomach acid due to its high water content. 
Tomatoes also contain a high water content at 94.5%. They are a delicious addition to salads, sandwiches, and sauces. Cherry tomatoes also make a great and easy snack when you are on the go. 
Bell Peppers
Bell peppers have a water content of 93.9%. All colors of bell peppers have a very high water content. Green peppers have the highest water content, followed by red and yellow bell peppers. Bell peppers are also extremely high in antioxidants, which fight free radicals. Bell peppers can be eaten raw with hummus, added to a salad, or cooked in addition to other vegetables in a stir fry.